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For 20 years we have been South Africa’s top Financial Services Provider specialising in bicycle insurance. We structure our products to ensure that we offer AFFORDABLE cover for ALL kinds of cyclists, including recreational, family and professional cycling. With a solid team of BICYCLE GURUS, all trained in bicycle mechanics, our service levels rate amongst the best in the insurance industry. We settle 95% of claim within 24 hours.

If you love cycling, we have a great product for you!

Junior Office Assistant

The Office Assistant needs to manage the day-to-day administrative aspects of the business.


The Consultant is responsible for sourcing new business, managing the relationship with all new and existing clients. The Consultant is a technical expert in short-term insurance products as well as an expert in all relevant legislation pertaining to the industry.  The Consultant meets all the fit and proper standards as required by FIAS legislation and therefore has the authority and the required knowledge to provide financial advice.  The Consultant is required to meet the applicable compliance requirements at all times.

Requirement: FAIS and RE

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Contact us on 011 679 1559 if you need assistance or want to speak to a friendly member of the Cyclesure team.
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